Cheque, Currency Exchange, Banking & ATM Print

Bank of China will cash any cheques and exchange foreign currencies.

Click here to find a Bank of China branch near you(the addresses is in Chinese). Below is the list of the popular branches in downtown:

  • Guilin branch: No.5 Shanhu Road (North), Xiufeng District
  • Pingshan branch: No.16, Wayao Road, Shixia District
  • Zhongshanbeilu branch: No.390, Zhongshan Road (North), Shixia District
  • Jiedong branch: No.130, Jiefang Road (East), Xiufeng District
  • Sanlidian branch: No.6, Lijiang Road, Qixing District

Find out the current exchange rates and the acceptable foreign currencies here.

You can withdraw money with your international bank card from any banks’ ATM except Post Savings Bank of China and Guilin City Commercial Bank.

ATM is everywhere in Guilin.