About Guilin Tourism Organization Print

The Guilin Tourism Organization(GTO) website was first established in 2009. The organization is a non-commercial corporation responsible for the Guilin tourism industry's promotion. The organization has concentrated primarily on the promotion of Guilin as a tourist destination and has contributed significantly to attracting foreign tourists. The GTO continues to help develop tourism within Guilin area through addressing current trends in the tourism industry.

As a tourist city the tourism industry is playing a very important role in the local economy. The GTO is endeavoring to develop the ethnic groups' traditional culture and natural landscapes into high-quality tourism products and tourism resources, in conjunction with local governments and the tourism industry. To improve tourism transportation, accommodation infrastructure, tourist information systems, and overall service, the company is also working to eliminate undesirable aspects of the tourism atmosphere through various public campaigns.

Also the GTO is putting forth its best efforts to become an efficient, challenging and harmonious organization in the 21st century. It is endeavoring diligently to make Guilin area as a worldwide attractive tourism destination, play a pivotal role in the developing the Guilin tourism industry as an important strategic industry, and strengthen Guilin’s competitiveness through focusing on major strengths and utilizing expert knowledge.


The Locations of Tourist Booths in Downtown Guilin

Rong &Shan Lake

How to get there: you can take bus No. 1, No. 10 or No.22 to Yishu Guan (Art Museum) or Lize Qiao ( Lize Bridge) bus stop, and ask a local for the exact way to the booth.

Central Square in downtown Guilin

How to get there: you can take bus No. 1, No. 22 to Zhongxin Guangchang (Central Square) bus stop, and walk for a few minutes to get there.

Nanmen Bridge

How to get there: you can take bus No.1 or No. 2 to Nanmen Qiao(South Gate Bridge) bus stop, and walk along the Zhong shan Road for a few minutes to get there. It is near the Guilin Main Bus Station.

Lijiang International Airport

How to get there: you will find it at the Domestic Arrival Hall of Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.

Seven-Star Park

How to get there: you can take bus No. 10, No.11 or No.14 to Qixing Gongyuan(Seven-Star Park) bus stop, and then you will find it in front of the entrance to Seven-Star Park.

Guilin Bus Station

How to get there:the information booth is situated in front of the Guilin Bus Station,you can take No.1,2,33,99,100 bus to get there.