Jingjiang Prince City and Solitary Beauty Peak Print

Jingjiang Prince City is located beside the Li River. It is a tourist attraction highlighted by the gorgeous Solitary Beauty Peak and covers the whole JingJang Prince City. Perfectly combing the natural landscape and historical sites, it is praised as a “city in a city ” since the ancient time. The Solitary Beauty Peak is often compared to be a king as it erects from the ground like a unique column propping up the blue sky. Its summit offers the best panoramic view of Guilin City. The well-known description that characterizes Guilin landscape “the scenery in guilin excels all under the heaven ”is among the numerous stone inscription on the cliffs of the Peak. Inside the Peace Cave at the foot of the Peak,there are 60 Chinese zodiacal signs carved on the wall that are considered to be one of the world culture wonder. In the Qing Dynasty ,JingJiang Prince City was converted to be the Examination House.JingJiang Prince City is listed as “the key cultural relics of national level” in 1996. In Guilin, Jingjiang PrinceCity  is something irreplaceable. In touring the mountains and waters you can’t miss this royal treasure hill--- Solitary Beauty Peak.

To read the history of Guilin, you can’t miss the Prince City. It is all contained in one phrase “Guilin’s scenery is the best under heaven, touring the Prince City you’ll know all about Guilin”. The glamour of the Jingjiang PrinceCity  will make your trip to Guilin a rewarding and valuable.

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