Yellow Cloth Shoal Print



Yellow Cloth Shoal lies about 60 kilometers away from Guilin city. It's about 500 meters downstream southward from the Mural Hill. Peaks are steep and the river is wide and quiet and a huge yellow flagstone lying under the still waters can easily be seen. The area gets its name from the huge flagstone at the bottom of the shoal.

It has become very attractive to tourists because the water here is extremely clear and calm and is a natural mirror making perfect images of the peaks in this area. The Shoal is escorted by seven peaks at both sides of the Li River resembling seven fairy ladies. A legend tells that the seven peaks are fairy girls from the heaven who took baths in the river. Enthralled by the charming scene, they stayed here and become the peaks .Green bamboo, lofty peaks and the blue sky reflected on the quiet waters create a spectacular scene.

Many Chinese paintings and poems use these scenes and tourists run out of films for their cameras. This is the best place to appreciate the reflection of the peaks in the water.